Scroll down to the Soundcloud clips below. The 1st group is mainly vocal interpretations of fabulous works. The 2nd group is largely instrumental interpretations.

  1. 'Thoughts on a Theme' Stefan Wardale (Piano)
  2. 'Thinking out Loud' Ed Sheeran (Piano, Vocals, Cello)
  3. 'Young and beautiful' Elvis Presley (Piano, Vocals, Cello)
  4. 'Just the same' Bruno Major (Piano, Vocals)
  5. 'I wanna be yours' Arctic Monkeys (Piano, Vocals, Cello)
  6. 'If I believe you' The 1975 (Piano, Vocals, Cello)
  7. 'Autumn Leaves' Kosma/Mercer (Piano, Vocals, Cello) / (Piano, Cello)
  8. 'About time' Theme from 'About Time' Film (Piano, Cello)
  9. 'Love of my Life' Queen (Guitar, Vocals, Cello)
  10. 'Don't Worry' The 1975 and Tim Healy (Piano, Vocals, Cello)


Some of the pieces with Vocals can also be played purely as Instrumentals if required. These clips will give you an idea of our sound and whether you want to engage us to play for your event. They are a snapshot of some of our repertoire as clearly we cannot give examples of everything!  (scroll down for clips))

Mainly instrumental pieces with cello, guitar and piano combinations. This is the order, scroll further down for the clips themselves.

  1. 'Canon' Pachelbel (Guitar or Piano, Cello)
  2. 'El Chamuyo' Canaro (Piano, Cello)
  3. 'Malena' Demare (Piano, Cello)
  4. 'Sonata' Vivaldi (Guitar, Cello)
  5. 'Imagine' John Lennon (Piano, Cello)
  6. 'Halellujah' Leonard Cohen (Piano, Cello)
  7. 'La Cumparsita' Rodriguez (Piano, Cello)
  8. 'Chiquilin de Bachin' Piazolla (Piano, Cello)
  9. 'Doce de Coco' Jacob do Bandolim (Cello, Cello, Piano)
  10. 'Harlem Nocturne' Hagen (Cello, Piano)

(scroll down for clips))