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Missing my friends and colleagues.

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I'm missing my friends and colleagues so we recorded this last week. I did the cello lines and Stefan edited and mixed it, I think he did a really good job. Let's hope for a vaccine soon because it's the sort of piece that is best heard live (with 12 cellists, rather than one person on all the lines!!). You can listen to more of our music here

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  1. Geoff

    Beautiful! Thank s to you both.

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  2. Stella

    Such a lovely piece and beautifully played

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  3. Pete

    Lovely, gentle music. Very relaxing to listen to.

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  4. Helen Paskins

    Love this! So atmospheric. Beautiful mix.

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  5. Debbie

    Another very impressive piece of music. Listening to it - it was like it was telling a story. Wonderful!

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