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Harlem Nocturne (by the fire)

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Ok, so sitting by a roaring fire in a beautiful log cabin in the woods near Whitby (as in the landing point for Bram Stoker's legendary Dracula...), wet socks steaming and glass of chilled wine to hand, a tune called Harlem Nocture came on. That's a great sound I thought to myself, so Stefan and I recorded it when I got back a couple of days ago. I actually think our tempo is a bit under so we may re-do it if we get the chance...and the steam from the socks bought a hot night in Harlem a tiny bit closer!!!

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  1. Helen Paskins

    Beautiful cello playing. Such a sultry tune.

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  2. Debbie

    I wasn't sure about the steaming socks reference at first either....but then it made sense....the hot night in Harlem. Very atmospheric.

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  3. Stella

    Great tune and memories of Whitby - not sure if the steaming socks added to the atmosphere!

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