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Stefan and Andy really miss the is Doce de Coco

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Once the sun has shone for more than a couple of days, you think it will keep shining all Summer until....down comes the rain. All the forcasters said, 'rain, high wind, low temparatures, snow (no they didn't actually say snow...). You get the picture, and it's still raining. We can't even go on holiday yet to get away from it all...

It was on one of these very days last week, with rain lashing the windows when I thought we have to record something 'sunny'. 

I've always loved Yo Yo Ma's recording of Doce de Coco, it opitomises sunnier climes, so I thought I'd try a version of my own. Of course I would never get anywhere near his perfect rendition, and I didn't have a clarinettist to hand, so I recorded a 2nd cello part too. I have to say Stefan was very patient with the production and with me trying to figure out if bits worked, or not, but in a couple of hours on a wet, grey, drab afternoon, what else was he going to do....?!

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  1. Eve

    This is so beautiful! sounds great

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  2. Debbie

    Wonderful! I found this piece of music did indeed transport me away from the gloomy weather.

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  3. Helen

    This is gorgeous - what a magical ending!

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  4. brenda

    Beautiful sound

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  5. Marla

    Sounds great!

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  6. Rohan

    This is brilliant, really enjoyed it.

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  7. Stella


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