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Love of my Life...

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 I was lucky enough to see Queen in December 1980 at the Wembley Arena. It was a one or two days after John Lennon's death and Freddie did a couple of songs dedicated to Lennon. 'Imagine' was one of them and the other was the masterpiece that we have interpreted above. It was one of 'those' concerts that I will always remember very clearly. They had just released 'Another One Bites The Dust'...Queen were on 'on fire' at this time!

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  1. Debbie

    I really like Andy and Stefan's interpretation of this song! Great!

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  2. Veronique Wright

    Fabulous and beautifully played piece of music . I felt the emotion of this song all the way through listening to it. Amazing ?

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  3. Eve

    This sounds amazing! Love of my life is one of my favourite queen songs and i love the combination of Cello and Piano!

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  4. Marla

    Fantastic! I really enjoyed this, it sounds great.

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